Basic Principles of Tithing

  1. God made everything therefore owns everything. Psalm 24:1
  2. God has given us dominion over the things He made - we are His Stewards. Genesis 1:28; Psalm 8:6
  3. Returning tithe should be in response to God's goodness to us, not something we do to obtain His blessings - although He does bless in response to our returning tithe. 
  4. Thankfulness and joy are an important ingredient to the "returning tithe process." Deuteronomy 26:111
  5. Tithing should be consistent, a good habit that a person has. 
  6. Tithing acknowledges that everything good comes from God - Jacob's response should be ours, "of all that you give me." Genesis 28:22
  7. The tithe blessings may not always be financial. God told Abraham that "He would be his shield and exceedingly great reward." Should that not be our desire-to have the Pearl of Great Price as our blessing for returning tithe? Genesis 15:1

God's invitation (and amnesty program) is "return to me and I will return to you." After the invitation He reminds us of all we miss out on when we choose not to return our tithe to Him. Malachi 3:7-10